Different Types Of Pizza Cutters

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If you’re like me who likes to make homemade pizza, you probably have your share of slicing pizza with a knife. While a knife can be good for slicing pizza, sometimes you just need to use a pizza cutter to make cutting pizza easier. Sometimes, the knife can mess up the toppings on the pizza so there are times when I opt to cut pizza with a pizza cutter.

There are many types of pizza cutters. You can choose from a pizza wheel, a pizza rocker, or pizza scissors. Pizza cutters are designed to cut pizza so you can expect to have clean and even slices every time (except when you have a dull pizza cutter, then that will just make slicing the pizza worse).

If you’ve only been slicing pizza with a knife, I can tell you that using a pizza cutter has made slicing pizza easier. This article will tell you the different types of pizza cutters you can use to slice get evenly sliced pizza!

Types Of Pizza Cutters

Types Of Pizza Cutters

The pizza that gets delivered from your favorite pizza place usually comes pre-sliced. But, if you are making homemade pizza or buying frozen pizza, you will have to cut it yourself.

While a sharp knife can work well in cutting pizza, using a tool can make your life easier. There are different types of tools that you can use to cut pizza into slices. A pizza cutter can cut through thin-crust pizzas or thick-crust pizzas easily.

Using pizza cutters can also cut the pizza in a more streamlined and clean manner. The two most common pizza cutters are the pizza wheel and the pizza rocker but, there are other pizza cutters you can use depending on your personal preference.

Pizza Wheel Cutter

Pizza Wheel Cutter

One of the most common types of pizza cutters is the traditional pizza wheel. As the name implies, this pizza cutter has a circular blade that rolls like a wheel when used to cut pizza. The pizza wheel usually has a stainless steel blade while the handle can be made out of wood, plastic, metal, or stainless steel.

Pizza cutter wheels are easy to use. You just have to press the pizza wheel on the pizza and start rolling the wheel so you can cut the pizza depending on your preferred number of slices.

If you want to protect the pizza wheel’s blade, buy one with a blade guard to prevent it from getting scratched or keep it from scratching other things. 

Pizza Rocker Cutter

Pizza Rocker Cutter

A pizza rocker is a type of pizza cutter that has a large blade and is often used with two hands. Pizza rocker blades are often made with high-quality stainless steel to prevent corrosion and rust.

This type of pizza cutter is usually used to cut thick-crust pizza easily and cleanly without messing up the toppings but, pizza rockers can also be used to cut a thin pizza crust.

To use a pizza rocker, press the blade on the pizza, and use a repeated back-and-forth rocking motion to cut it into pizza slices. Since two hands are used to hold the handles, it will be easier to cut pizza slices straight.

Pizza Scissors

Pizza Scissors

This type of pizza cutter looks like regular scissors, except it is designed to specifically cut pizza. Some pizza scissors, or pizza shears, have a spatula attached to them so you can easily serve a slice after cutting it. 

Pizza scissors are best used on a pizza that has a thin dough but they can also cut through a thicker pizza. Most pizza scissors have a non-slip handle so you can cut the pizza without the scissors slipping off of your finger. 

With a pizza scissor, you can definitely have fun cutting the pizza into different shapes and sizes. Using pizza scissors will also allow you to cut the pizza evenly. 

Bicycle Cutter

Bicycle Cutter

As the name implies, this type of pizza cutter is shaped like a bicycle. Bicycle pizza cutters have two wheels that cut through the pizza. A bicycle pizza cutter’s blade is usually smaller compared to a pizza wheel and is used to cut smaller pizzas or flatbreads.

Specialty Design Pizza Cutters

Specialty Design Pizza Cutters

Pizza cutters are not limited to pizza wheels, pizza rockers, and pizza scissors.  Nowadays, you will see several pizza cutters that have specialty or novelty designs. 

These specialty design pizza cutters can make pizza slicing fun. Who says cutting pizza should only be done using traditional pizza cutters? Aside from the bicycle pizza cutter, here are some of the specialty design pizza cutters that you can add to your pizza cutter collection:

– Vikings stainless steel pizza cutter

– Monkey unicycle pizza cutter

– Scooter pizza cutter

– Motorcycle pizza cutter

– Star Wars pizza cutter

– Star Trek pizza cutter

All these specialty design pizza cutters have the same purpose, which is to cut pizza.

What To Consider When Choosing A Pizza Cutter

What To Consider When Choosing A Pizza Cutter

With a lot of pizza cutters in the market, you may be tempted to pick the first one you see. While most the best pizza cutters are high-quality and can cut pizza into even slices, there are some pizza cutters that would not cut pizza properly. 

To make sure you’ll have an easier time cutting pizza, here are some of the things you can look out for when buying a pizza cutter.

Material Of The Pizza Cutter Blade

Pizza cutters do not come with a standard material for the blade. The blade of a pizza cutter is usually made of stainless steel but it can also be made out of other composite materials. 

Pizza cutters are not as sharp as knives but they still need to have a sharp blade to be able to cut through a pizza. Since pizza cutter blades are thin, stainless steel blades can lose their sharpness and become dull after a while. Make sure the pizza cutter’s blade is made of high-quality materials so it can last you for a long time.

Type Of Blade

Not all pizza cutter blades have the same size and have the same shape. A pizza wheel has a round blade while a pizza rocker has a longer curved blade. 

For thicker pizzas, it might be better to get a pizza rocker to be able to cut through the thickness of the pizza’s dough. A pizza wheel, on the other hand, can work on smaller, thinner, and crustier pizzas. There is also an option of using pizza shears to cut your pizza.


if you are one to make pizza often, you would want to invest in a durable pizza cutter as you will most likely use it all the time. Pizza cutters made with high-quality materials will most likely last longer.


As we said earlier, the handle of a pizza cutter can be made out of different materials, whether it be a pizza wheel or a rocker. Depending on your preference, you can choose to get a pizza cutter with a stainless steel, wood, or plastic handle.


Since you’ll use your pizza cutter whenever you cut pizza slices, it is best to have a pizza cutter that is comfortable to grip since you’ll be putting pressure on it to cut the pizza.


Pizza cutters can come in different sizes. If you mostly make larger pizzas, a larger pizza cutter would be the best option. You can also use it to cut smaller pizzas so you don’t have to buy different sizes.


Pizza cutters are not that expensive but there are pizza cutters that cost more than others. The material of the pizza cutter can also affect its price so make sure you have a budget that can fit your pizza cutter needs.

How To Clean Pizza Cutters

How To Clean Pizza Cutters

You may be tempted to just put a dirty pizza cutter in a dishwasher but, some pizza cutters are not dishwasher safe. If you want to make cleaning easier, make sure to get a pizza cutter that is dishwasher-safe. Pizza cutters are easy to clean so you may not need to put it in a dishwasher at all. 

To clean a pizza cutter without using a dishwasher, you need to act quickly. Letting pizza sauce, toppings, or bits and pieces of dough dry on a pizza cutter can make it harder to clean.

After you cut your pizza, wash it immediately with soap and water then let it dry. If you have pizza wheel cutters, keep the blade from rotating by holding it with your fingers.

If you prefer to clean your dishes at the same time, soak the dirty pizza cutter in warm soapy water first to keep the sauce and other stuff from sticking to the blade. You can soak it while you eat, then wash it with the rest of your dishes after.

Wrap Up

A pizza can definitely be sliced with a knife but, using pizza-cutting tools can make it easier. Pizza cutters are designed to cut pizza and they do their job well in cutting pizza evenly and cleanly.

There are many types of pizza cutters and some of the most common are pizza wheels and pizza rockers. There are specialty or novelty pizza cutters with different designs which is a change from the traditional pizza cutters.

Whatever type of pizza cutter you chose, we hope you find the best pizza cutter for you! If you have any questions, let us know and we’ll get back to you soon!