How To Size A Pizza Oven Table

Outdoor pizza ovens have become portable and compact over the years. People no longer have to install brick wood-fired pizza ovens in their homes to get that smokey and delicious pizza at home. Now, people are looking for pizza oven tables where they can place their freestanding pizza ovens. Getting the correct pizza oven table size is important and knowing how to size a pizza oven table is key to maximizing your space and getting your pizza oven to fit on the table. 

Measuring your space and your oven will help you determine the size of the pizza oven table you need. Getting a measuring tape and marking the dimensions of a pizza oven table in your space will also help you visualize how much space the table will take up.

This article will tell you how to determine what size of pizza oven to get and we will also give you a buying guide about pizza oven tables to help you choose the right oven for your needs!

What Is A Pizza Oven Table

A pizza oven table is not like any regular table you use for your dining or living room. Outdoor pizza oven tables are designed specifically for pizza oven use. These kinds of tables can withstand the high heat that pizza ovens emit when cooking pizza.

A freestanding pizza oven is usually a portable pizza oven that you can move around in your house. Most of these freestanding pizza ovens are for outdoor use and these ovens need something stable to be able to hold the oven’s weight. You should also be able to place whatever pizza tools that you use in cooking pizza on an outdoor pizza oven table.

Most people prefer a mobile pizza oven table as it can be easily moved around and it can be brought anywhere. Some people prefer to have a fixed pizza oven table in their outdoor area.

A mobile pizza table has lockable wheels for easy transport. Some pizza oven tables are foldable which is an excellent option if you need to put it away when not in use.

Pizza oven tables come in different shapes, sizes, heights, and materials. These pizza oven tables are typically made of brick or stone but some are made of stainless steel.

Some pizza tables also have additional storage and shelving for pizza tools such as a pizza peel, pizza cutter, and a pizza stone. The additional storage and shelving will make it easier for you to reach whatever tools you need. Some even have a bigger surface to have a space for you to place the pizza after it is cooked.

Do You Need A Pizza Oven Table

Do You Need A Pizza Oven Table

You don’t need a pizza oven table to have a good pizza experience. You can just use a table that is sturdy and heat-resistant to be able to place your pizza oven on top of it. But, if you cook pizza regularly and have a pizza oven, you may want to invest in a pizza oven table.

Pizza oven tables can enhance your pizza cooking experience. As we said earlier, pizza oven tables are designed for pizza ovens and they are very sturdy and can withstand the high heat that pizza ovens emit. Some of these ovens also have shelvings and extra spaces for you to place all of your pizza tools so you can have what you need in just one place.

How To Size A Pizza Oven Table

If you are planning on getting a pizza oven table or pizza oven stand but are not sure how to determine the table size for your pizza oven, here are several ways you can do to make sure your pizza oven can fit on your pizza oven table.

Measure Your Space

First of all, you have to measure the space that you will put your pizza oven table in. Even if it is a mobile pizza oven table, you still would want to know how much space you have for the table.

Most pizza oven tables are small and foldable so you might not have to worry much about your space. But, if you are planning on buying a larger table, you will have to measure your space.

Knowing if you have the right amount of space before buying a pizza oven table is essential if you want to maximize your outdoor space. This is especially true if you want to have a pizza oven permanently installed.

Measure Your Pizza Oven

Another thing you want to do before buying a pizza oven table is to know the dimensions of your pizza oven table. This information will tell you the size and height that you need for your pizza oven table.

If you are wondering how tall should a pizza oven table be, you have to consider your height for this one. If you are on the taller side, a taller pizza oven should table should be your choice.

A table that is too low means that you will have to bend a lot to get the pizza in and out of the oven.

Aside from knowing the size of your pizza oven, you also have to know how much it weighs so you can find the right table that is sturdy enough for your oven.

Measure The Pizza Oven That You Want To Get

Once you already have your space sorted out and you already know the dimensions of your pizza oven, it’s time to pick your table! When you are buying online, the dimensions of the table are usually written in the product’s description box. 

Take a measuring tape and the space around you using the dimensions of the table. This way you will know how much space the pizza oven table will take up. You can even put a marker on the ground so you have an idea of the table’s dimensions.

When buying a pizza oven table, it is also recommended to buy it at a physical store if possible. Going to a store is better as you can have a closer look at the table. You will also be able to feel the table and check the whole unit.

Do You Need Space For Storage

Some of the factors that can affect the sizing of a pizza oven table are the extra shelvings and storage that the table has. The more shelving and storage a table has, the bigger the table will be.

Do note that a foldable pizza oven table has fewer shelvings than other kinds of tables. A folding pizza oven table is needed to be easily folded without having to take off additional storage units.

If you have enough space in your backyard, you can also probably have your pizza oven table customized to fit your needs. You can add as many or as little storage space as you need and still get the pizza oven table you always wanted.

Buying Guide For Pizza Oven Tables

Choosing the pizza oven table that fits your needs can be hard as there are many pizza oven stands and tables that are in the market at the moment. To help you choose the pizza oven table for you, here are several factors to consider before buying one.


Pizza oven tables vary in price and the cost can depend on several things – material, size, and even their brand name. These kinds of tables can be very expensive.

Pizza oven tables that have more shelving and storage can be a lot more expensive than a table that has less storage space. Tables that are made with high-quality materials will also be more expensive than others. Make sure to find a table that fits your need without breaking the bank.


A pizza oven should fit comfortably on top of the table you are planning to buy. As we said earlier, measuring your space and your pizza oven is essential in getting a table in the correct size. There should be enough space for the oven to sit on top of the table’s surface so you can place other pizza tools if needed.


As we said earlier, pizza oven tables are made with different materials. These tables can be made with stainless steel, bricks, and cement, and some are made with a combination of different materials. If you are going to use the table often, go with a sturdy material so it can last you for a long time.


You may not think that the design of a table is important but, it kind of is. Some pizza ovens are designed to have storage for pizza tools and even wood logs if you are using a wood-fired pizza oven.

Some pizza ovens have wheels while others are foldable and some are portable. If you are getting a table with wheels, make sure the wheels can be locked as it can be a recipe for disaster if your table is suddenly wheeled somewhere while you are cooking pizza.

Best Pizza Oven Tables

There are many pizza oven tables in the market but, some of the best pizza oven tables that you can look into are:

– Ooni modular Tables

– Keeter Unity Portable Outdoor Table

– Royal Gourmet Double-Shelf Movable Dining Cart

– Nuuk 30 Pizza Oven Stan

– Origami Kitchen Cart (Foldable)

Wrap Up

Getting the correct pizza oven table size is important if you want to maximize your outdoor space. There are several ways you can do to determine the size of the table to get and this article has the information to help you.

This article also has a buying guide to help you before buying a pizza oven table. If you have any questions, let us know!