Blackstone Pizza Oven Review

Blackstone Outdoor Pizza Oven for Outdoor Cooking Electric Ignition

Are you looking to whip up restaurant-quality pizza in the comfort of your backyard? If so, you’ve probably been eyeing the Blackstone Pizza Oven. This outdoor oven is said to provide restaurant-quality crust in just minutes, while still being accessible to everyday cooks like us. In this Blackstone pizza oven review, we’ll take a closer look at what makes the Blackstone Outdoor Pizza Oven stand out from its competitors and why it’s worth considering

Wood-fired ovens have given way to outdoor pizza ovens. A pizza tray that rotates automatically? Built-in thermometer? Who doesn’t want those conveniences?

Those are exactly what the Blackstone pizza oven has. And don’t let its name fool you; it can roast vegetables, slow cook meats, bake or grill fish, and, of course, lets you cook artisan pizzas that are just as good as the ones that come out of wood-fired ovens. It’s a versatile oven that can do a lot of things.

Here’s the bad news, though. The brand seems to have discontinued making this specific pizza oven. According to their website, they have limited manufacturing capacity and internal resources, so they had to make a long-term decision on which product to focus on.

Due to the success and popularity of their griddle, they chose to focus heavily on innovating and improving their Blackstone griddle. As of now, you’ll find over 30 different types of Blackstone griddles on the market.

In this review, we’ll have a look at the features of the Blackstone pizza oven, the pros, and cons, and some helpful tips to make the most out of this cult favorite pizza oven – in case you happen to find one secondhand. (links are to original Amazon listings for more information)

Blackstone Pizza Oven Review: Is It Worth It?

Blackstone Outdoor Pizza Oven for Outdoor Cooking Electric Ignition 2x Faster Than Other Pizza Ovens

The first Blackstone Pizza Oven was introduced in 2015 with its proprietary two-stone technology. This oven used a motorized rotating pizza stone just on the bottom and a fixed one on top. Such a feature is intended to cook the pizza evenly from all sides.

The brand also claims that the two-stone features cook pizza in less than 5 minutes. It can also cook a variety of recipes that require the use of an oven, not just pizza.

Price-wise, it was relatively affordable when it was still available on Amazon and elsewhere. And, while it seems to have garnered lots of positive feedback from home chefs and pizza makers alike, the real question is, was it worth the hype?

Did the owners of the pizza oven get the best bang for their buck, or is it just another waste of time and investment?

What’s in the Package?

We’ve read from different sources that the product came in a bundle. It basically has everything you need for pizza making and comes with extra accessories that keep the oven running. So let’s unbox the Blackstone pizza oven!

In the package, you get:

  • The base of the oven (main body)
  • Two 16-inch pizza cooking stones
  • Rotating pizza tray
  • Pizza tray motor
  • Power cord for the motor
  • Hood thermometer
  • Side shelves
  • Side handles
  • Oven legs (attached to the wheels)
  • Wire rack
  • Base plate for propane bottle storage
  • Dimension and weight: 45.5 x 25.5 x 53 inches, 103 pounds


To those familiar with a standard patio grill, it resembles the Blackstone pizza oven. When it comes to the design layout of the typical pizza oven, it doesn’t really break new ground.

Basic Features

The two legs are quite tall. It also has wheels allowing you to move the oven around or making it easy for you to get it out of the way when you finish cooking. It has shelves on either side, a lower plate for the gas tank, and the main cooking station including a thermometer. Fairly traditional features of an outdoor gas pizza oven.

Blackstone Outdoor Pizza Oven for Outdoor Cooking full size view

The Rotating Pizza Tray

What makes the Blackstone pizza oven really stand out is the rotating pizza tray, 16 inches in diameter. This feature helps cook your pizza more evenly as it slowly rotates. Again, another lacking feature in many modern pizza ovens. We consider this a very clever design feature since it alleviates any worries about overcooking one side of pizza.

You might not want to go back to a static tray again after experiencing the rotating tray. Other users say it induces a hypnotic effect, so imagine just wanting to watch your pizzas rotate all day.

And it is simply not a marketing trick. The rotating function is similar to that of a rotisserie in that it ensures that there are no cold or soggy soft spots on your pizza. It actually serves a purpose, alright?

Another thing we love is the additional stone at the oven roof, reflecting the heat downward onto your pizza. This guarantees that both the top and bottom of your pizza are cooked evenly. This reflected heating system successfully replicates the best of what traditional wood-fired ovens can offer.


The rotating trays are motorized. They’re run by a small engine that uses two D batteries or a direct connection to the power supply.

Devoted gas grill or combo grill users may be accustomed to these as a quick way to ignite your grill with a simple push of a button. Such a feature is sadly missing in many modern pizza ovens. So we’re going to take our hats off to the brand for having the vision to incorporate it into their oven.

A 60,000 BTU gas burner powers the Blackstone oven. It takes about 10 to 15 minutes to reach full cooking temperature and can theoretically get up to a peak temperature of up to 900 degrees Fahrenheit. We think this is pretty solid for such a stand-alone model. You’ll also need an AA battery, which is not included in the package, unfortunately.

There is a dial for adjusting the temperature in the oven. We find this feature fantastic since it allows for a fairly simple and quick way of overseeing your pizza-making session.

Build and Design

The Blackstone outdoor pizza oven has a commendable design. It has convenient wheels for transporting and a dedicated rack for a 20-pound tank of propane, which we think makes this model a nice, compact, and portable oven.

The legs feel a bit cheap though, so be careful when moving the unit around. Also, its shelving units aren’t particularly impressive. But we still think that all the other extras are great.

The main case of the Blackstone patio oven is where it really stands out. It’s extremely well-made with a front plate of stainless steel. The interiors are crafted with a combination of high-quality construction materials that to a good job standing up to the heat of the burner. It seems to be able to withstand the wear and tear.

While it still keeps the temperatures consistent, we wish that the brand included a removable door or lid. Many users recommend lowering the heat slightly since it may become too hot and may burn your pizza.

We’ve also heard some users reporting a problem with the tray rotation mechanism. Because it’s the moving section of the unit, there’s a possibility of misalignment and general breakage amid the cooking process. It can become stuck and difficult to maneuver at times.

The other issue some users mention is the oven’s push-button igniter. Some report that is eventually stops working. Other users tried to mitigate this issue by changing the battery and disassembling it but still ended up using a standard lighter to ignite the oven. We think this is such an inconvenience.

When cooking in a Blackstone oven, there is definitely some learning curve. Overall, the Blackstone outdoor pizza oven isn’t particularly flashy or fancy, but we think its durable construction compensates for what it’s lacking.

Ease of Use

Many users find the unit easy to assemble, however, putting its parts together doesn’t seem to come easy to others. We’ve read reports where some parts are either not correctly fitting or missing.

The good news is that the motor is simple to install and operate. Just attach the metal chuck, attach the motor onto the mounting bracket. Once turned on, it connects with the rotisserie system and spins the pizza stone.

And once you’ve finished assembling the Blackstone oven, it will be a wonderful outdoor cooking experience. Check that you’ve plugged everything in and watch your oven do its job in just 10 minutes.

You may be wondering if loading and unloading pizza on the spinning tray will be simple. Many Blackstone oven owners recommend pausing the rotating motion before loading your pizza. That makes sense because loading your pie in the tray while rotating may cause it to slide off.

This feature makes this oven one of the most user-friendly models out there. There’s no need to keep an eye on your pizza while it cooks and you can confidently sit and let your oven handle the rest.

The shelves and rack also make it much easier to move multiple pizzas around and make it much simpler to cook several batches in quick order.

The Pros:

  • The handy rotating tray makes evenly cooked pizza. It allows for quick and simple pizza making. The dual heating function that allows cooking the pizza on both the top and bottom makes the process efficient.
  • The two pizza stones ensure maximum heat retention and consistently cooked pizzas. This makes the entire cooking experience so quick, seamless, and efficient.
  • It has enough room for a 16-inch pizza, which is quite large. We haven’t found any other pizza oven at this price point that can cook pizzas this large. Other models seldom if ever reach that extent.
  • Powered by electric ignition.
  • Ideal for cooking a large number of pizzas rapidly, all thanks to its quick cooking time, simple loading and unloading, and not having to turn them as they cook.
  • Stylish stainless steel construction and design. It’s also easy to clean and you only need to clean the pizza stone.
  • For most users, the unit is easy to put together.
  • Compact and relatively portable, making it easy to move around.
  • Adjustable cooking temperature. It also heats up quickly and has a high-temperature threshold.
  • It offers endless cooking possibilities. Aside from pizza, you can also prepare roasts, steaks, lasagna, bread, and more.
  • Achieve a superb heat level quickly, allowing you to cook your pizza quickly and without sacrificing quality or uniformity.
  • Fairly priced at $300. It is a fraction of the price of a wood-fired oven but makes just as good homemade pizzas in no time.
  • Outstanding after-sales support and customer service.

The Cons:

  • The quality of build and thickness of materials could be improved. We like the stainless steel aspect, but overall it doesn’t have a robustly solid feel to it. The legs, in particular, feel a bit flimsy. Some users also reported that the pizza stone cracked after several uses.
  • Minor issues with the tray rotation and the igniter reported by some users.
  • The space constraints may not let you cook other foods. While it performs admirably in other departments, the cooking chamber is just small to accommodate other types of food.
  • Customers have reported that their oven arrives with some pieces broken or dented or missing.

Helpful Tips in Using the Blackstone Pizza Oven

If you are not that accustomed to Blackstone ovens, you can refer to these tips to get the most from your new unit. Some of these helpful tips came from firsthand users of the Blackstone oven.

  • Before you start the pizza oven, double check that the tray motor is on and rotating properly. This guarantees that the pizza stone evenly preheats prior to firing the pizza.
  • Preheat the oven to the maximum until it reaches the desired temperature. Reduce the heat when cooking your pizza to avoid burning your pie.
  • The motor that runs the rotating tray is an important feature, so it’s important that you check it first to ensure that it works before using the oven. If it’s not functional, make sure the D batteries are charged and the oven is plugged in.
  • You must also check that the motor is leveled when you configure the oven. Make adjustments if you need to.
  • The built-in thermometer doesn’t always give out accurate temperature. It’s a nice addition but it may be better to look for infrared thermometers instead. They don’t cost that much. The thermometer is your friend when it comes to cooking in the oven. Accuracy is key.
  • Want to cook your pizza fast? Like any Neapolitan style pizza keep your base pretty thin and don’t go overboard with the toppings and sauce. Thin bases allow for faster cooking time and putting less toppings helps you slide your pie on and off the pizza peel easier.
  • You can also sprinkle cornmeal on your pizza peel to make it easier to slide your pie onto the stone.
  • Weather, such as rain or wind, could really disrupt the stability of the temperature. To deal with this issue, you can hide your oven behind a wall or purchase a cover.
  • Make a habit of wiping down the pizza stone after each use. When you use the pizza stone, burned-on food easily builds up. It’s important to give it a quick wipe-down after each use so it will be ready for your next cooking session.


Does Blackstone still make pizza oven?

Yes. In fact, in 2022, the band released their first wave of a new pizza oven product. According to Blackstone, this pizza oven conversion kit turns almost any 22-inch Blackstone griddle into a pizza oven.

How hot does the Blackstone pizza oven get?

The Blackstone oven is powered by a 60,000 BTU burner. It heats up the oven in around 10 to 15 minutes and can achieve a maximum temperature of around 900 degrees Fahrenheit. The oven comes with a push-button igniter that can be used to light it up.

How long will 1lb propane last on Blackstone?

The Blackstone oven has a BTU rating of 60,000. It can last up to 36 hours for 1 pound of propane.

Which is better: a gas or electric oven for pizza?

Selecting a type of pizza oven is a matter of personal preference. Electric ovens produce pizzas that taste and look the same. They are cost-effective to operate but are higher in upfront cost. Gas ovens, on the other hand, produce delicious pizzas with a unique taste and flavor every time. They are ideal for creating artisan pizzas.

Can you do pizza on a Blackstone?

Yes, you can use the Blackstone griddle to bake your favorite pizzas. It also offers an easy way for making pizza. When cooking on a flat top griddle, using a dome lid creates an oven effect.

How do I cook a pizza in a Blackstone pizza oven?

To cook your pizza in a Blackstone oven, preheat it to 400 degrees Fahrenheit, then place the pizza in the center and cover it with a pizza dome. Let it cook for 5 to 7 minutes, or until it begins to ooze all around the edges. Once the crust turns brown and crispy, flip the pizza and it will be ready to serve.

Is it worth buying a pizza oven?

It depends on your personal preference and how you cook your pizza. Buying a pizza oven is a wonderful investment if you cook a lot of pizzas and don’t have the backyard space for a brick oven. Pizza ovens allow for faster cooking speed, and they work well when it comes to baking Neapolitan-style pizza.

Is a wood-fired or gas pizza oven better?

There are reasons why we prefer one over the other. Gas pizza ovens are generally cleaner and easier to install. Just connect the gas burner to a propane tank and you’re ready to go. They also tend to heat up faster than wood-fired ovens, though the latter will be great if you like cooking pizza with wood for more flavor.

How do I choose an outdoor pizza oven?

First, you need to consider how much space you have available at home. Then, think about the amount of food you intend to cook. You should also look at the design and materials, as well as fuel options.

Final Thoughts

When it comes to buying cooking equipment, especially for our beloved pizza, for which we have spent a lot of time perfecting the recipes, we always prioritize durability over anything else.

Any savvy buyer will tell you that all the bells and whistles are worthless if the entire unit breaks down after a few uses—who wants to spend money on that?

The good news is that the Blackstone pizza oven is exactly what you’re looking for. It’s crafted from stainless steel materials and with internal components that are well-designed for superior heat distribution and retention. This model also comes with all the handy features you’d want in an outdoor oven.

It has a lot of inclusions like shelves and adjustable temperatures. And you’ll have access to all of these perks for a rather good price.

Do we recommend it?

Of course. However, the minor flaws in the construction are likely to turn you off. Don’t worry, there are comparable models available that are also worth checking out. You might want to consider the other alternatives we’ve listed above.

Overall, we think it is still worthwhile to get the Blackstone pizza oven because the advantages far exceed the downsides.

Good luck!