5 Best Two-Topping Pizza Combinations to Try

According to statistics, the majority of pizza lovers prefer a two-topping pizza instead of one with more toppings. This article will share the best two-topping pizza flavors you must try the next time you order take-out or delivery.

After hours of research on several websites for fresh pizza inspiration, I discovered that most foodies would rather eat a two-topping pizza flavor over a pie doused with ingredients. A majority of them prefer simple pizzas that do not overwhelm their taste buds.

But with so many topping options available, it can be overwhelming and almost impossible to try all of them.

Fortunately, I created this article on the best two-topping pizzas to help narrow down your choice. I mostly included classic pizza topping combinations that are easy to enjoy and satisfy even the pickiest pizza eaters.

I will also share some tips on how to make the best homemade pizza from scratch – something everyone should know how to do.

5 Best Two-Topping Pizza Combinations

Below are the best pizza topping combinations. The simplicity of the ingredients will not overwhelm you so that you can enjoy them separately.

1. Pepperoni and Italian Sausage

Pepperoni and Italian Sausage

When I think about pizza, the first combination of toppings that pops into my mind is pepperoni and sausage. And it seems like this flavor is also one of the most popular among carnivores.

The Italian sausage and pepperoni complement the gooey mozzarella cheese. When all of these ingredients are combined, they offer a satisfying savory snack that you can enjoy any time of the day.

If you’re vegetarian, there is still a way to enjoy pepperoni and sausage pizza. You can use plant-based meat alternatives – a growing industry with products that are improving every year.  

2. Ham and Pineapple

Ham and Pineapple Pizza

The ham and pineapple combination is another must-try two-topping pizza flavor. It might be a little on the controversial side—some individuals do not think that pineapple goes on pizza—but it is still famous for good reasons.

The sweetness of the pineapple neutralizes the saltiness of the ham. Thus, it offers a satisfyingly sweet and savory flavor.

You can also try Hawaiian pizza that uses bacon instead of ham. The bacon gives the pie a particular crunch and saltiness to complement the pineapple. But despite its name, Hawaiian pizza did not come from Hawaii. It originated in Canada when a Greek immigrant added canned pineapple to the pizzas he served in his restaurant.

3. Mushrooms and Black Olives

Onions, Black Olives, and Mushrooms Pizza

This two-topping pizza combination is meatless, but rich in flavor. It’s a great combo for meat lovers and vegetarians alike. 

The mushrooms and black olives create a visually appealing pizza. However, these ingredients can also enhance the flavor of the crust and tomato sauce.

The mushrooms will absorb the rich flavor of the cheese and the sauce, but offer a unique-to-mushroom texture that complements the crust. 

Meanwhile, the black olives add a salty and slightly sweet taste to your veggie pizza. It gives a unique flavor without outshining the mozzarella cheese and sauce.

While this article is about 2-topping pizzas, if you want more on this veggie pizza, you can add sundried tomatoes and switch mozzarella with feta cheese for a distinct taste.

4. Chicken and BBQ Sauce

Chicken and BBQ Sauce Pizza

Chicken and barbecue sauce might seem like an odd flavor, but it is one of the best pizza topping combos today.

Instead of using tomato sauce, this pizza style replaces it with sweet barbecue sauce. It also uses the white meat of chicken to complement the new flavor. This combination of ingredients can taste just as good as your favorite backyard barbecue.

Overall, chicken and barbecue sauce is a must-try flavor if you like experimenting with different ingredients but still want to keep it simple. It can satisfy both your barbecue and pizza cravings.

5. Bacon and Shrimp

Bacon and Shrimp Pizza

These pizza topping combos offer a different take on surf and turf.

It combines bacon and shrimp with rich mozzarella cheese and flavorful tomato sauce. The result is a satisfyingly good seafood pizza.

If you decide to create this pizza flavor from scratch, you can opt to crumble the Canadian bacon and sprinkle it over the tomato sauce for a crunchy texture. You can also use Canadian bacon strips for a more flavorful taste. Regardless of how you use the bacon, you must cook these pizza toppings before adding them to the pizza. The same applies to the shrimp, whether it is fresh or frozen.

How to Make the Best Pizza from Scratch?

Pizza has been among the most popular cuisines for decades. As a worldwide favorite, this dish is available in both gourmet restaurants and fast food delivery.

However, you can also create a pizza from scratch. Doing so allows you to choose which flour to use for the dough, the sauce flavor, and toppings to add. The result is delicious homemade pizza that suits your taste buds.

With that said, it is essential to know the essentials of cooking homemade pizza to achieve a perfectly baked pie. Read on as I share some handy tips.

Use a Homemade Crust

If you want to perfect the pizza crust, it is essential to use the correct pizza dough. You can find countless frozen and ready-made options on the market. But nothing beats making pizza dough from scratch.

Start by determining the flour type suitable for your diet. You must also decide what kind of crust you want, whether thin, thick, or packed.

Measure the Ingredients

The next step in baking homemade pizza is to measure the ingredients. You can do this accurately by using a scale. 

Make sure the amount of flour, yeast, water, and salt are proportional before mixing them into a ball of pizza dough.

Freeze the Pizza Crust

After making the dough, you must freeze it. Lowering the temperature of the pizza dough can slow fermentation. This process will give the crust its flavor.

The longer you freeze the crust, the fuller its taste will become.

But to give you an idea, most homemade pizza recipes only require an hour of fermentation. Meanwhile, traditional pizza dough may need several days.

Refrigerate the pizza crust for 24 hours to achieve the best results.

Stretch the Dough

Once you are ready to bake pizza, get the dough out of the freezer. Leave it for a while and let it thaw.

Then, dust the ball of pizza dough with flour. Proceed to stretch the dough by pressing it down with your palms. Gently pull it outward and stretch it evenly into a circle.

Keep doing this until you flatten and widen the dough into a small disc. Do not press too hard because you risk tearing the dough. You must also avoid over-kneading because the dough will thicken, making it ideal for bread instead of pizza.

Add the Toppings

After stretching the dough, it is time to add your preferred toppings. By now, you should know the best pizza topping combos that people love. Try using these ingredients if you want a simple yet delicious pizza flavor.

Just make sure to pile on the toppings according to their cooking instructions. For instance, some toppings, such as Canadian bacon, require pre-cooking.

Avoid putting too many ingredients because it will ruin your pizza experience.

Bake the Pizza

The final step is to put the raw pizza dough into the oven. Depending on the dough thickness, you can bake it for around eight to 12 minutes. You can also check the crust to see if it is already crisp and golden. It is likely the pizza is already cooked.

But if you want to improve the flavor of the crust and toast the cheese, feel free to add a few minutes to the cooking time.


That concludes this article about the best two-topping pizza combinations! Each one is highly popular for good reasons. One of these is the simplicity of the ingredients, which allows you to enjoy them separately.