Best Propane Pizza Oven

Besides looking for reputable brands and getting the best bang for your buck, considering the oven size, design, and features are also important when choosing the best propane pizza oven.

We’ve compiled a list of products to help you shop!

And if you want to look for other options, we’ve also included a handy buying guide.

Best Propane Pizza Oven

Pizza is a staple food. While you can order them from a pizzeria or a takeaway, nothing beats homemade pizzas made from the freshest ingredients with as many toppings as your heart desires.

However, beyond having the freshest ingredients on hand, you can’t bake delectable pies without the help of the most important tool: a dependable pizza oven.

In choosing the best pizza oven, there are a lot of options. Wood-fired ovens provide the most flavorful pizzas every time, while propane-fueled models allow for a faster and simple setup.

But then, it’s not like every pizza maker has the time to wait for a wood oven to fire up, especially if you’re catering to a crowd. While gas ovens won’t impart a smoky flavor to your pizza, they do make the baking process quick, easy, and mess-free.

There is a clear trade-off here. But, what if I told you that you can have the best of both worlds?

Manufacturers have gotten better at innovation, transforming their ovens into versatile cooking equipment that will please even the most discerning pizza makers. Many pizza ovens are now convertible, which means you can run them on wood/charcoal or gas, or both simultaneously.

However, with several brands offering the same cooking methods, it might be difficult to tell which one is better.

Whether you prefer to crisp up your dough outdoors or watch it cook to perfection on your kitchen counter, we’ve got you covered. We’ve compiled a list of the best propane pizza ovens and the top multi-fuel options on the market.

Check them out below!

A Quick Comparison of Our Favorites

  • Oven Cooking Mode: Convection
  • Fuel type: Wood, Natural Gas
  • Dimensions: ‎10 x 2 x 3 inches
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  • Oven Cooking Mode: Conduction
  • Fuel type: Portable Wood Fired and Gas Pizza Oven
  • Dimensions: 30.31 x 15.75 x 31.5 inches
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  • Oven Cooking Mode: Conduction
  • Fuel type: Liquid Propane, wood
  • Dimensions: 25 x 17 x 16.5 inches
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  • Oven Cooking Mode: Conduction
  • Fuel type: Gas Powered
  • Dimensions: ‎29.7 x 19.5 x 18.5 inches
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  • Oven Cooking Mode: Conduction
  • Fuel type: Liquefied Petroleum Gas
  • Dimensions: 24.4 x 15.5 x 11.7 inches
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  • Oven Cooking Mode: Conduction
  • Fuel type: Liquefied Petroleum Gas
  • Dimensions: 18.6 x 18 x 12.3 inches
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  • Oven Cooking Mode: Convection
  • Fuel type: Liquefied Petroleum Gas
  • Dimensions: 22.6 x 22.2 x 17.7 inches
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The Best Propane Pizza Ovens Worth Checking Out

The best propane pizza oven is portable, easy to use, and scorchingly hot. With these considerations in mind, here are some of the top pizza ovens you can check out.

Roccbox Gozney Outdoor Pizza Oven – Best Overall

Roccbox Gozney Outdoor Pizza Oven

Restaurant-quality pizzas are simply hard to achieve at home, but with the right oven, it is possible. The Roccbox Gozney does just that. This outdoor pizza oven is essentially a miniature version of those used in restaurants.

Product Inclusions:
• Inbuilt thermometer
• Professional grade pizza peel

Sleek and modern with a unique space-age look, the Roccbox seems to have the ideal package we look for in an oven. It’s got the look and the expertise of cooking the perfect pies. While we adore this slate gray oven, we think the olive green version also looks good in the backyard.

It’s portable and has a small footprint, so it could be a great solution if you have limited patio space or just don’t have a lot of storage room. It also adds that its legs are retractable, so you can set it to your preferred height.

The oven’s body is crafted from stainless steel, which guarantees longevity. It also has a silicone coating that we love, protecting users from burning their hands. We think that the only downside is that soot quickly accumulates on its front. Give it a quick check after each use, making sure it’s not clogged with ash.

It runs on both gas and wood and is one of our favorite multi-fuel pizza ovens for when you want the smoky flavor but with a fast heating capacity of a propane oven. We just wish the package included the wood burner, though.

The Roccbox preheats to 932 degrees Fahrenheit, so you can expect your pizza to bake in just 60 seconds. Its thick stone bottom helps distribute heat evenly and maintains the heat in your pizza, resulting in a delectable puffed-up and crispy crust from top to bottom.

The oven also offers a rolling flame on the inside, allowing you to perfectly roast, barbecue, sear, and bake your dishes. It includes a pizza peel that’s worth almost $100 and a built-in thermometer to quickly check temperatures.

A little pricey but we think it’s worth the splurge!

What We Like:
• High-temperature range
• Heats up and cooks as fast as 60 seconds
• Superior heat distribution and cooks evenly
• Multi-fuel for versatility
• Allows for excellent roasting, searing, bbq, and baking
• Durable and stylish dome design
• Compact and portable
• Safe and easy to use
What We Don’t Like:
• Detachable wood burner not included
• Accumulates soot quickly
• Expensive

Ooni Karu 12 Outdoor Pizza Oven – Runner Up

Ooni Karu 12 Outdoor Pizza Oven

Ooni believes that everybody deserves great pizza, so they designed their Ooni Karu 12 pizza oven with that goal in mind. We heard users put this oven to the test at home and in the lab, and it delivers!

Product Inclusions:
• Custom fuel tray
• Baking stone

We all love the flavor wood and charcoal imparts to dishes. The Ooni Karu runs on wood and charcoal but works just as well with a gas burner attachment. This may be a pricier option than the Roccbox, though. It doesn’t include the key accessories and the gas burner attachment.

It’s easy to set up. However, due to its multi-fuel capability, it entails more keeping track of than other models.

Boasting superior heat insulation, the oven’s body is crafted from stainless steel with ceramic fiber insulation. This holds in the temperature and the attached baking stone maintains heat for a crust that’s cooked to perfection.

We appreciate the maximum temperature of 950 degrees Fahrenheit though several users reported it takes longer than 15 minutes to reach such a threshold. But, once it gets there, this oven can maintain a consistent temperature and pizzas that are cooked evenly. Just make sure to turn your pie frequently.

If you love making vegetable pizzas and whole wheat pizzas at home, you can make them in as fast as 45 seconds. So, we think this compensates for the longer preheat.

This outdoor pizza is equipped with a chimney baffle that regulates heat by changing the oxygen flow. This allows you to cook at high heat or bake low and slow. If you need more time to cook, the backport gives you the option to add more fuel.

For beginners, the Ooni Karu might be a little learning curve. You can experiment with managing the temperature for various dishes but you can always turn to a temperature (not included) for accuracy. Overall, cooking with this oven is a lot of fun!

It’s also very easy to store. The legs fold down and it’s lightweight. Definitely one of the best pizza ovens out there.

What We Like:
• High-temperature range
• Cooks pizza super fast
• Multifuel for versatility
• Durable construction
• Superior insulating properties
• Portable and light
What We Don’t Like:
• Doesn’t include key accessories
• Gas burner is sold separately
• Learning curve

Bertello Outdoor Pizza Oven – Best Bundle

Bertello Outdoor Pizza Oven

While certain models lack the necessary tools needed to complete your pizza making experience, the Bertello Outdoor Pizza Oven has it all.

We commend the brand for bringing in one of the most portable ovens out there. It allows you to cook and bake when going on camping trips. The package is a complete bundle of everything a home chef needs, allowing them to cook whatever their heart desires.

Product Inclusions:
• Gas burner
• Wood tray for gas burner
• Pizza peel
• Round pizza stone
• Thermometer
• Oven cover

Since its first appearance on a Shark Tank episode, the Bertello Outdoor Pizza Oven has been making a buzz among pizza makers and home chefs alike. This oven runs on wood or charcoal, gas, or a combination of those three. And the best part about it is that the gas burner is included so no need to purchase it separately.

With a high-temperature range of 930 degrees Fahrenheit, the Bertello oven allows you to cook a range of pizza styles. Since you can run it on wood or charcoal, you can experiment with various smoky flavors.

However, according to some users, the firewood might struggle with maintaining the heat when cooking Neapolitan-style pizza. We recommend that you use a propane nozzle if you want to run it on gas and charcoal simultaneously.

Besides the high-temperature threshold, another thing we love about this outdoor pizza oven is the black stainless steel exterior. It keeps the oven from looking dirty, concealing any soot though it doesn’t have a protective cover on the case so be careful.

The cordierite baking stone that comes with it is super durable, withstanding breaking and fading. It also comes with a specially designed pizza peel, a wood tray for the gas burner, and a thermometer. And when it’s time to tuck the oven away, you can use the Bertello oven cover that comes with it to store the unit.

But before you do, make sure to remove the ash and wipe the pizza stone. Although the exterior of the oven conceals soot, you must clean it on a regular basis.

It’s another expensive option but with all the extras, we think it’s safe to say that the Bertello pizza oven is one of the best bangs for the buck!

What We Like:
• Comes with everything you need
• Portable, lightweight, space-saving
• Multi-fuel for versatile cooking
• High-temperature range
• Durable construction (the oven itself and its accessories)
• Balck exterior conceals soot
What We Don’t Like:
• Wood fire can’t maintain high cooking temperature
• Doesn’t have a protective cover on the case
• Pricey

Camp Chef Italia Artisan Pizza Oven – Best for the Traditional Baker

Camp Chef Italia Artisan Pizza Oven

If there’s something we love about having a reliable oven at home, it’s their capability to make artisan pizzas and bread. Crispy and delectable. It’s almost as good as wood-fired pies. If you’re a traditional baker, the Camp Chef Italia Artisan Pizza Oven may be a wonderful addition to your cooking arsenal.

Product Inclusions:
• Regulator
• 5-feet long hose
• Cordierite ceramic pizza stone

Compact though not so light, it’s one of the best traditional ovens of the bunch. The Camp Chef Italia Artisan oven has the look and feel of a more classic countertop oven, but with the ability to reach high temperatures. It works perfectly for baking pizzas and bread, and for roasting veggies and meats.

According to one of the reviews we’ve read, this oven is a work of art. Getting your hands on this oven means investing in a professional tool that deserves a spot in your backyard. It allows you to cook two pizzas at the same time without restricting your movement.

However, it may not be able to maintain heat on the inside since it has a large front opening and the dome-shaped cooking chamber lets in a lot of air. According to some users, the oven’s door struggles to keep enough heat inside the oven.

Its ceiling has two levels of coverage that improves the heating capacity and enables faster baking. The in-built burners mimic the original brick oven feel, but with temperature control and the option to customize baking for the crust and toppings.

At a maximum temperature range of 700 degrees Fahrenheit, it’s not as high as other models, but hot enough to get you going. Before sliding in your pizza, make sure to preheat the oven first for 15 minutes.

Once that’s done, you can cook an 8-inch pizza which takes up to 4 minutes at 600 degrees Fahrenheit. But you can make the most out of the interior space by cooking two 10-inch pizzas at the same time.

Keep in mind that the ceramic stone is sensitive to temperature changes so avoid making too many adjustments.

Overall, this one is a durable, well-designed metal pizza oven that’s also easy to use and clean.

What We Like:
• Durable and space-saving
• Has a traditional design but with high-temperature reach
• Controllable temperature allows for a more customizable cooking experience
• Easy to use and cooks a range of dishes
• Easy to clean
What We Don’t Like:
• Takes more time to preheat
• Struggles with trapping heat on the inside due to large opening
• Cooks small-sized pies
• Ceramic stone can’t keep up with temperature changes
• Quite heavy

Ooni Koda 12 Outdoor Pizza Oven – Best for Beginners

Ooni Koda 12 Outdoor Pizza Oven

Here’s another Ooni on the list, and certainly, this brand can brag when it comes to manufacturing top-graded outdoor ovens. Their Ooni Koda 12 is one of our favorite outdoor pizza ovens and is one of the best for novice pizza makers.

It’s compact, lightweight, and versatile allowing you to cook various dishes. And, you can bring it anywhere, anytime.

Product Inclusions:
• Hose for connecting to the propane tank

Rocking a comparable design as the Ooni Karu 12 (but without the chimney), this oven offers equally exceptional baking capacities. Its thin carbon steel build allows it to be light. That same construction keeps it cold to the touch on the outside despite the fact that temperatures inside can exceed 932 degrees Fahrenheit.

The Ooni Koda runs on propane gas with an insulated steel shell for superior heat retention. If you heat it up for 15 minutes, it will be ready for cooking. And since it runs on gas, it’s easier to control the temperature, reducing the chances of your dough getting overly charred or burnt.

The downside, however, is that the inlet is small, so turning a 12-inch pizza can be tricky.

One of the perks of having a pizza oven that runs solely on gas is that you don’t have to clean up any wood mess after use, which makes this one a viable choice over the Ooni Koda if you dread dealing with the aftermath.

Make sure to let it cool before wiping the interior, and you can rotate the baking stone over occasionally to allow it to self-clean.

Keep in mind: While it’s labeled as an outdoor pizza oven, we recommend not cooking your pizza in wet or very windy conditions. Always keep this oven in a dry place where neither debris nor insects invade it.

Price-wise, it’s not as expensive as some of the ovens on our list and cheaper than its multi-fuel brethren, Ooni Karu. However, getting all the necessary extras means a markup in the overall cost. But if you already have all the pizza baking tools at home, we see no reason why you shouldn’t give this one a shot.

What We Like:
• Beginner-friendly; offers easy temperature control
• Superior heat retention
• High-temperature threshold
• Exterior remains cool to the touch while cooking
• Compact, lightweight, and versatile
• Easy to clean
• Durable built
What We Don’t Like:
• Small inlet makes it tricky to turn pizzas
• Doesn’t include baking accessories

Pizzacraft PC6500 PizzaQue Outdoor Oven – Budget Pick

Pizzacraft PC6500 PizzaQue Outdoor Oven

If you don’t want to shell out the dough but still want to have a dependable pizza oven whenever you need one, the Pizzacraft PC6500 PizzaQue could be a sweet choice. It is super compact, allowing you to take it on camping trips.

Don’t get fooled by its small size, though. This portable pizza oven packs some capabilities. According to the manufacturer, it can continuously bake 250 pizzas!

Product Inclusions:
• Cordierite pizza stone
• Gas hose
• Built-in thermometer

Small yet powerful, this pizza oven puts in the work and it does so tirelessly. It runs on gas and wood and can work up to 25 hours. Make sure to preheat it for 15 minutes at 700 degrees Fahrenheit—pretty powerful for such a compact model. Once it’s ready, you can expect your pizzas to bake in 6 minutes.

It may take more than 30 minutes to cool down, though. If you want to be safer, get a leg kit. This is a good addition if you have kids around while cooking. Also, be cautious not to get your hands too close to the hot metal. This oven may appear small, yet it has a high interior temperature.

It doesn’t boast a very stylish design, but it’s focused on doing the job. One of PizzaQue’s winning points is that it cooks crust and toppings evenly and gives out almost the same results as wood-fired bricks do.

The oven requires a long calibration, though. Upon taking the oven out of the box, you can set the timer to the hottest temperature and heat it up for 20 minutes before turning it off. Then, allow it to cook down at room temperature.

The Pizzacraft PizzaQue is also one of our favorites because it’s bundled with handy accessories and equipped like a standard countertop pizza oven at such a low price. Aside from that, it made the cut due to its sturdy build. It’s a reliable little helper that gets the job done without breaking a muscle.

When baking, we recommend using a stainless pizza peel rather than a wooden one because it is thinner and allows the pizza to slip off more easily. Also, due to the smaller interior, setting it to 400 degrees Fahrenheit should be enough to bake your pizzas.

What We Like:
• Compact, lightweight, easy to transport
• Sturdy build
• Multi-fuel for versatility
• Bakes a lot of pizzas and can handle running for a long time
• High-temperature range
• Affordable option
What We Don’t Like:
• Takes a long time to cool down
• Not very safe due to super hot exterior
• Short legs

BakerStone 9152403 Pizza Oven – Great Option

BakerStone 9152403 Pizza Oven

The BakerStone 9152403 pizza oven has to be one of the most beautiful ovens out there, maybe even on par with the Roccbox. And you know, we all love kitchen appliances that look good on the counter, in the backyard, or patio.

Product Inclusions:
• Firebox with a regulator
• Built-in thermometer
• Oven box

An oven that takes on two jobs, this oven was originally developed as a box to be placed on a grill. It allows you to separate the top piece from the bottom (firebox) and bake your pizza on the grill. While we like the multifunctional design, the interior of the BakerStone is where it gets interesting.

It contains five sides of pizza stones. We’ve read reports from the testers, comparing this oven’s interior to the open-flame ovens on our list and did unexpectedly well. Those pizza stones have superb heat retention and distribution, which results in evenly cooked pies with just the right amount of char.

Another thing we appreciate about this pizza oven is that the firebox contains two gas burners, with each having its own knob. We think this is a great feature if you want to play with the heat on each side.

Much like any good pizza oven, the BakeStone boasts a scorching hot maximum temperature of 800 degrees Fahrenheit. It can reach the desired temperature in 10 to 15 minutes and can bake your pizza in just 2 minutes. You can also manage it depending on what you want to cook.

And looking into the holes from either side, you’ll see the flames flashing away, just how you’d want them to. It’s a good indication of how much heat they’re producing. If you’re not sure, just look for the built-in thermometer located at the top of the pizza box.

When it comes to space-saving design, this is one of the most compact models out there. We also commend the brand for making it easier for the user to clean the unit since you can disassemble the unit. This allows you to clean it thoroughly.

While not the cheapest option, it’s definitely one worth considering.

What We Like:
• High-temperature range
• Compact and space-saving
• Powerful burning system
• Customizable cooking
• Quickly preheats and cooks pizzas
• Easy to clean since removable
What We Don’t Like:
• Quite heavy

How To Choose the Best Propane Pizza Oven

Propane pizza ovens are available in various sizes, design, and they have various features that may be unique to them. Before buying a new pizza oven, make sure to keep the following factors in mind.

Baking Capacity

This is one of the most crucial factors to consider when picking the ideal pizza oven. The first thing you should consider is how much pizza you intend to cook. What size pizza do you intend to bake? Is it for a large crowd (pizza party) or just a few friends?

Most pizza ovens can easily handle a 12 to 13-inch pizza and larger ones can take up to 16-inch pizzas.

There are pizza ovens that can hold two pizzas at a time, such as the Camp Chef Italia Artisan Pizza Oven. However, you should expect to bake two pizzas that are smaller than the standard 12-inch size.

Make sure to assess your group’s appetite for pizza so you know which option to pick. This also helps you in determining the right oven size for your space, though small capacity doesn’t always equate to a compact footprint.


Propane pizza ovens can come with a variety of features. Some of them will be as simple as sliding your pizza in and the oven will handle the rest. To get the ideal pizza oven, it’s important to look at an oven’s specification sheet and its capabilities.

There are ovens with features that some may find out of the ordinary. The BakerStone 9152403 Pizza Oven, for example, has two gas burners that allow you to play with the heat on each side of the oven. Its five baking stones also allow for even cooking and excellent heat retention.

Look for features you feel you’ll need for cooking not only pizzas but also other dishes that require the use of an oven.

Burner System

A good propane pizza oven won’t let you sit and wait a long time to preheat and cook. Busy home chefs usually don’t have time to wait 20 minutes for an oven to preheat and another 15 minutes for their pizza to cook. So, look for a powerful burning system if you want to save time.

Your oven should have a burner system of at least 20,000 BTU (British thermal unit). These ovens will cook your pizzas in as fast as 60 seconds, however, such models will use more fuel than others. Luckily, there are many other options with 12,000 to 15,000 BTU systems that can bake pizzas in five minutes.

Another important consideration when purchasing a pizza oven is the fuel source. While you can get pizza ovens that run solely on propane, certain models can operate on gas, wood, charcoal, or a combination of those, simultaneously. Determine which heat source is best for your needs before selecting a pizza oven.

Propane pizza ovens offer better temperature control, while wood or charcoal pizza ovens that can be run with gas add a smokey flavor to your pies. Choose one that meets your cooking style.

Heating Capacity

The hotter the temperature the oven reaches, the faster it cooks. A good pizza oven should be able to achieve at least 700 degrees Fahrenheit within 15 minutes. If you intend to make classic Neapolitan-style pizza, the oven should bake it at the same temperature within 60 to 90 seconds.

A baking temperature that high may sound like it’s too much, but most of those pizzas are baked in large brick wood-fired ovens. For baking homemade Neapolitan pizzas, most of the ovens we’ve listed here can reach a temperature of 800 to 950 degrees Fahrenheit.

When choosing the best outdoor pizza oven, make sure to look for one with insulation or a double-layered ceiling. This keeps the heat in the oven contained, retaining heat and reaching such high temperatures.

You’ll also find ovens with dual-heating elements on both the top and bottom. This feature can help regulate the baking temperature of your crust and toppings.

Some models are excellent at evenly distributing heat throughout the oven, however, we recommend rotating your pizza while it bakes. You may want to do this even though it will only take a minute to bake your pizza. It’s really quick and ensures that the crust is evenly cooked on all sides.


Aside from the key features, the accessories that come with the oven will make the cooking process much more convenient. Typically, a pizza oven includes a pizza stone but you can also get a different shape or size to suit your preference.

Look for models that include a pizza peel, thermometer, gas hose, and oven cover. This way, you get the best bang for your buck.

When it comes to accessories, our favorite is the Bertello Outdoor Pizza Oven. It comes with nearly all the necessary tools a home chef needs to bake delicious pizzas.

If you can, try to acquire a metal pizza peel since it is more heat-resistant than the wood alternative. Meanwhile, each type has pros and cons, and it will boil down to one’s preferences.


Opting for a durable pizza oven means going for those crafted from stainless steel. These ovens are sturdy and can survive practically any weather condition, though we recommend that you don’t cook in harsh weather to extend the life of your oven.

Stainless steel pizza ovens are also easy to clean and maintain. And you should make it a habit to clean the inside of your oven on a regular basis. When you cook, there are residues baked-on food that can get tougher to remove if they accumulate over time.


Dome-shaped, firebox, and open-flame models. Propane pizza ovens come in a range of shapes and forms. Also, many of the small and medium-sized models on the market now feature a sleek, modern design with a stainless steel finish.

However, while stainless steel exteriors look nice, outdoor pizza ovens with black finishes will hide the soot and require less maintenance. There are also models like the Roccbox with a slate gray exterior which helps protect you from the heat.

Smaller ovens will often have their heat source located at the back. Propane pizza ovens with open flame usually let the fire reach a part of the distance across the oven’s roof. This will directly heat a larger section of your pizza.

The domed roof of these ovens is intended to mimic the heating mechanism of conventional brick ovens.

With ovens that are solely powered by propane, you can start and regulate the heat with an ignition knob. Propane pizza ovens that run on wood and charcoal are fired like grills. These models use a starter and are ignited with matches.

Also, be aware of ovens with small inlets. Such a design flaw will usually make it hard for the user to flip the pizzas, so there’s a risk of overly charring here.

Oven Size and Portability

The size of your pizza oven is also a good consideration. Before buying a new oven, check that you have enough indoor or outdoor space to accommodate an oven. Luckily, all of the models we’ve reviewed have small footprints.

If you have the room to dedicate to a large pizza oven, then even better. A larger pizza oven will usually give you a larger baking capacity. However, keep in mind that a larger oven doesn’t always translate to a larger cooking capacity. Some models are just straight up bulky.

Portability is also important. It’s great to have a portable pizza oven that you can easily stow away after use. Most models on our list are portable. However, while they’re relatively compact, some might be heavy, making them difficult to transport.

You can look for ovens with collapsible legs and removable components. This way, it will be easier for you to carry the equipment around when you want to make pizzas in your friend’s backyard or grill at the park. However, you’ll need to take the extra step of assembling such an oven.

Pay attention to these details so you determine whether or not the size and weight will suit your needs.

Ease of Use

A good pizza oven should be easy to use, even for beginners. Yes, having a lot of sophisticated features and knobs to play with may sound like a good option. However, unless you’ve been working in a pizza parlor or have the time to figure out how things work, an oven with elaborate features may not be a great option.

Although they have considerable adaptability, your main purpose is to bake pizza. So, it’s best to avoid overcomplicating the process or the oven.

Of course, this is not to say they are not good. It’s still fine to have all the bells and whistles. As long as you’re willing to spend time on the learning curve, a pizza oven with lots of fancy features is great. We still suggest that you opt for an oven with intuitive features. One that you can use without the need for lengthy instructions.

Ease of Cleaning and Maintenance

The best propane pizza oven should be easy to clean. Some people may not know this, but pizza ovens that are capable of producing high temperatures can make cleaning a breeze, as long as you clean it after cooking.

When you bake pizzas, it is inevitable that cheese will melt off and can bake on the baking stone. If you’re baking them at a high temperature, the crumbs of dough or cheese inside the oven will most likely be incinerated due to the high heat.

If you find cleaning the oven a bit of a pain, you can always grab a soft metal grill brush to remove tough baked-on food in the oven while it’s still warm. Then, clean the exterior with soapy water and a regular sponge.

Keep in mind: Never ever immerse the baking stone in water or run it in the dishwasher. Pizza stones are water-sensitive and leaving them soaked can make them brittle and susceptible to fracture.


There are many brands out there that promise to deliver consistently desirable results. However, not all of them can live up to users’ expectations. Here are some of the best brands worth checking out:


Gozney is a UK-based brand founded by pizza aficionado Tom Gozney. The company manufactures both conventional and modern pizza ovens, catering to both household and commercial needs.

The Roccbox is one of their most popular feats. This oven has received global acclaim due to its adaptability as a hybrid wood or gas-fueled oven. The design is also ultra-modern, which fits many kitchen settings.

Most of their ovens are miniature versions of commercial models. And they offer some of the highest qualities you can find on the market. Their pizza ovens are engineered to survive years of use and are designed to function and produce excellent results.


Ooni believes in simplifying the process of pizza making. The company was created on a hunt for authentic pizza. That kind of pie with flame-cooked toppings and a leopard-spotted dough.

The brand started to expand in 2012 when founders Kristian Tapaninaho and Darina Garland started a Kickstarter campaign to support the development of the first-ever portable pizza oven. Since then, Ooni has been equipping home chefs with the expertise and tools needed to produce amazing homemade pizzas.

Their pizza ovens are well-known for reaching high temperatures. And this is why they are one of the go-to brands for making professional-quality pizzas.


Founded in 1984 in Berkeley, California, Pizzacraft is one of the pioneers. It’s also our favorite brand for affordable and portable pizza ovens. The brand offers a wide range of artisan quality pizza ovens. They also sell quality stones, tools, and extras for making and baking pizzas at home, on the grill, or on the road.

Pizzacraft basically has all the accessories you need to gear up for your next cooking session. And the brand is constantly evolving their product line to satisfy home chefs.


Bertello’s rise to fame was interesting. Before a Shark Tank episode in 2020, the brand was already selling. But their success became even more prominent when the owners Eric and Andy Bert entered the tank looking like classic Italian chefs, complete with white chef caps.

The two brothers developed an outdoor pizza oven that runs on propane, wood chips, or charcoal.

Their Bertello Outdoor is a multi-fuel pizza oven that makes pizza making seamless. In its gas-powered form, it is one of the few pizza ovens capable of producing intense temperatures. It’s great for making Neapolitan-style pizza in less than 90 seconds.

Camp Chef

Camp Chef specializes in outdoor cooking equipment that allows you to cook in the backcountry or on patios. They cater to a variety of cooking techniques such as BBQ, grilling, and roasting.

Ty Measom, the company’s founder, was both dissatisfied and intrigued by the size and efficiency of outdoor cooking appliances available in 1990. He sought to develop a portable and powerful oven after endless hours of thinking and experimentation. The brand has since pioneered the camp-cooking industry. 

Camp Chef offers outdoor pizza ovens, grill boxes, and accessories. They also offer a range of cast iron items. Despite the fact that their product line has grown, the brand still continues to be praised by outdoor cooking fans worldwide.


We commend the brains that created a baking box that turns an ordinary grill into a pizza oven. BakerStone manufactures exceptionally upgraded pizza ovens that are capable of producing restaurant-quality results.

Owners Lewis Rose and Tim Case banked on their brand and introduced its pizza oven box. It’s a portable device that heats up to 752 degrees Fahrenheit when placed on top of a barbecue grill. Depending on the temperature of your grill, your pizza should be ready in less than 5 minutes.

The BakerStone pizza oven box provides the same gourmet quality pizza as a wood-fired oven, but at a more affordable price.

Aside from pizza ovens and gas appliances, this Canadian brand also manufactures other baking and grilling accessories.


Propane pizza ovens come in different price points. The cost of one usually depends on its build, design, brand, and features. Smaller gas pizza ovens may cost between $200 to $400. Some models even cost under $200.

These are the cheapest prices you can get and are a great option if you’re not really looking for fancy features. If you want something that includes all the bells and whistles, then you can expect a price markup.

Wood and gas combo ovens will usually cost around $400 to $900. Models in such price ranges may also work as grills and can last for many years.

Whichever model you choose, make sure to set a budget plan for your purchase. Sometimes, you really do get what you pay for. So, it’s usually a good idea to invest on equipment that can last you a long time and serves multiple functions.


Most pizza ovens don’t come cheap, and warranties will protect your investment. We highly recommend getting your oven from a brand that offers excellent warranty coverage. Most pizzas come with a one-year limited warranty upon purchase, while others offer up to three years.

The best propane pizza should last for years. However, breakage is inevitable in your oven’s lifetime. If it breaks and requires a repair down the line, some manufacturers offer replacement parts. You can also go to a local expert kitchen appliance repair service.

Other Essential Tools

When it comes to making pizza, you need specialized tools. If your oven doesn’t come with any accessories or you don’t have some at home, you may want to consider purchasing them.


Mixers are useful tools that make kneading dough much easier. They particularly come in handy if you’re going to process large batches of dough. Consider a mixer that’s powerful enough to take on the job.

Infrared Thermometer

Some pizza ovens will come with a thermometer. Others have one built in. However, based on our experiences in testing different ovens with built-in thermometers, the temperature readings aren’t always accurate.

When baking a specific type of pizza, a reliable thermometer is your best friend. After all, infrared thermometers are not expensive, so having one on hand is usually a smart idea.

Pizza Peel

Some pizza ovens are also bundled with a pizza peel. These are the long, flat wooden shovels that you use to slide your pizza into and out of your oven. If your oven comes with a pizza peel, we recommend that you use that one since it’s specially designed for the oven.

You may also go for a turning peel, which is often built from a flat, round piece of metal. They are smaller than a standard peel and smaller in diameter than the pizza itself. A rotating peel allows you to quickly flip your pizza as it cooks in the oven, though it may take time to master.

When using either a wooden or metal peel, you may want to sprinkle some flour on the surface of the peel before sliding your pizza into the oven.

Pizza Cutter

These are typically curved or circular cutting blades with a handle. Besides neatly slicing pizzas, they are great for cutting lasagna, flatbread crusts, as well as other similar products.

Slicing your pizzas with a regular kitchen knife just won’t cut it (unless you like jagged edges). A specialized tool like a pizza cutter will create a clean, streamlined cut.

Kitchen Scale

To some people, baking may just be as simple as a series of chemical reactions between ingredients that achieve the desired result. But, for the chemical reaction to occur, the ingredient ratio needs to be correct, which is how you need to weigh things precisely.

No matter how skilled you are as a chef, you still may risk getting the right consistency in your cooking if you rely on gauging ingredients on your own. And that’s why a kitchen scale comes in handy.

If you intend to prepare your own dough, a kitchen scale will come in handy. It helps you in balancing all of the ingredients. Sure, you can grab measuring cups, but they aren’t as precise.

Oven Mitts

Certain pizza ovens like the Roccbox come with a silicone exterior to protect bakers from heat. Other ovens simply do not have such a safety feature.

A cute pair of oven mitts can protect your hands from painful burns while sliding hot, steamy meals straight from the oven.

Best Propane Pizza Oven FAQs

What is the best outdoor propane pizza oven?

Some of the best outdoor propane pizza ovens are the Roccbox Gozney Outdoor Pizza Oven and the Ooni Karu 12 Outdoor Pizza Oven. Both offer endless possibilities for outdoor cooking, allowing you to bake dishes using gas or wood or both simultaneously.

These outdoor pizza ovens boast durable construction, with stylish and space-saving designs that may sit in your backyard and patio.

For flavorful pizzas, opting for wood fire gives your food a smoky flavor and allows you to customize the taste. It also helps that they have high temperature thresholds. The propane burner attachment makes heat up a lot faster. You get the best of both worlds with these ovens.

Is a gas pizza oven good?

A gas oven is good for heating up the oven quickly. It heats up fast and can reach the highest needed temperatures for optimal pizza-making. Compared to wood ovens, it produces less ash and debris that can be a pain to clean. This is why many home chefs go for gas-fueled pizza ovens.

How do you cook pizza in a propane pizza oven?

Using a gas or propane pizza oven is not as difficult as it might seem. You can start by connecting the propane tank, opening the valve, and clicking the ignition button. The oven should be working at this point. Next, adjust the heat to your desired temperature.

Typically, propane-powered outdoor pizza ovens have a maximum temperature of 700 to 950 degrees Fahrenheit. This means that they can cook your pizza in just about 5 minutes.

Which is better, OONI or Roccbox?

Both Ooni and Roccbox have some of the best propane pizza ovens in the market right now.

While both brands offer ovens that can produce superb, authentic pizza, Ooni provides a superior value. This brand sells six different pizza ovens with comparable features to the Roccbox. However, Ooni sells them at much lower prices in some cases.

Which is better: wood or gas pizza oven?

It depends on your preference, but there are reasons why we choose one over the other. If you don’t want to do extensive cleaning on your cooking station, a gas oven will be a better choice. It’s also a lot easier to set it up than wood ovens. They also heat up more quickly than wood-fired ovens.

However, it won’t give you flavorful, smoky pizzas that only wood-fired ovens can achieve. It simply loses the charm of burning wood.

Luckily, manufacturers have become innovative with their designs and are now offering ovens that you can run on either gas or wood, or both.

What else can I bake in a pizza oven?

It depends on the model you have. Pizza ovens often include a pizza stone, specifically designed for preparing pizza. But, just because they’re labeled as pizza ovens doesn’t mean you can’t cook your favorite dishes in them. You can also bake meat, vegetables, and fish and use the same stone that comes with your oven.

However, you should keep in mind that cooking other foods may take longer.

How do I choose an outdoor pizza oven?

If you’re specifically looking for an outdoor pizza, the first thing you need to consider is the amount of space you have in your patio or backyard. Knowing how much room you have for an outdoor oven will help you pick the right size model for your outdoor cooking.

The amount of food you cook and fuel options are also other important factors you need to consider.

How hard is it to adjust the temperature on a propane pizza oven?

Propane pizza ovens have tubes that you use to connect the unit to a gas tank. It’s an easy process, requiring no special tools. Most ovens are equipped with a simple temperature regulator.

To calibrate the temperature on a propane pizza oven, set it to 350 degrees Fahrenheit and leave it running for 30 minutes. In this step, an infrared thermometer is your best friend. Make sure to take note of the temperature in the thermometer.

For an even more accurate reading, you can run the oven for a couple more cycles and check every 20 minutes, noting each.

What materials are pizza stones made of?

Most of the traditional stones used in baking pizza are built from either clay or ceramic. They have been fired at high temperatures and can hold and withstand the heat of the pizza ovens. Clay stones have excellent insulating capabilities. However, you’ll need to handle them carefully to prevent breaking.

Then, there are cast iron and cordierite stones. Both are more durable and resistant to repeated use than clay and ceramic stones. Cordierite pizza stones are usually more expensive and they can tolerate extremely high temperatures.

How long does it take to cook a pizza in a gas pizza oven?

The cooking time depends on the temperature of your oven. Higher temperature translates to a shorter baking time. If you bake homemade pizza at 500 to 550 degrees Fahrenheit, for example, it may take 8 to 12 minutes. For pizzas requiring 700 degrees Fahrenheit and up, it may only take less than 5 minutes.

Final Verdict

Our favorites are the Roccbox Gozney Outdoor Pizza Oven and the Ooni Karu 12 Outdoor Pizza Oven. Both ovens heat up and can bake pizzas super fast. With 932 degrees Fahrenheit of maximum heat, the Roccbox delivers puffed-up dough and a crunchy crust without the burnt edges.

The Roccbox has excellent heat distribution and is multi-fuel, allowing you to customize your cooking experience. Its durable and stylish dome design makes a beautiful statement piece in any outdoor setting. This oven also works perfectly for roasting, searing, and barbecuing. A little pricey, but definitely worth it.

For the Ooni fans, the Karu 12 may be another great propane pizza oven. This model also runs on gas and wood, allowing you to add a smoky flavor to your pizzas while also cooking them to perfection.

It offers one of the highest temperature thresholds on the market, giving you a blazing hot of up to 950 degrees Fahrenheit. We love the superior insulating properties of the Ooni Karu, keeping the interior heat to cook your pizzas to your desired doneness.

It’s durable, portable, and light, and you can easily tuck it away or carry it around. The oven is also less expensive than the Roccbox, however, they are comparable in terms of performance.

We hope this guide helped you find the best propane pizza oven!

Make sure to check out the rest of our product recommendations and pick one that suits your needs and budget. Good luck!